Friday, October 23, 2009

Patchy drizzle...Nice Saturday!

We are experiencing a cool, dreary day with overcast skies and patchy drizzle. This is what is happening behind the strong storm system that is continuing to push east of us. Locations in northeastern Kansas and northern and eastern Missouri will likely continue to have some patchy drizzle or a couple light showers through early evening. After the precipitation moves to the east of us, we will be left with an overcast, cold, and windy evening. The good news is that we will get some sinking air late tonight, and this will allow the clouds to pretty much completely clear, leaving us with sunny skies across the area in the morning.

The air becomes more dense when it sinks and allows it to warm easier. This will be the case tomorrow with abundant sunshine, highs should top out in the upper 50's and low to mid 60's around the area. Northern Missouri should have highs in the upper 50's with a little cooler temperatures in northeastern Missouri. The Kansas City area will top out with highs in the low to mid 60's. Temperatures will warm the further south and west you go from there. So, after a cold and wet week of weather, Saturday should be a very nice day.

Another system will enter the are Sunday bringing clouds back in and a chance of rain. Next week is looking very interesting but I will wait to talk about in a couple days. I will have a new blog tomorrow.

Alex Pickman

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Strong Storm System

A very strong storm system is affecting us right now and has been since Tuesday. I havnt had time to blog for over two weeks now, so here we go. This Storm moved into the west coast last week and developed and kicked out into the Plains and strengthened. It brought in a band of rain and thunderstorms Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Most of the day Wednesday was dry until late in the afternoon and early evening when rain began spreading in. The rain finally tapered this evening to some drizzle. The drizzle may continue through Friday morning.

Take a look at the current surface map below. I drew in the fronts:

As you can see the storm is now centered over central Missouri and cold ar is being wrapped around the back side of it. Winds will pick up overnight as temperatures fall into the low to mid 40's. The chance of light rain/mist will continue overnight and into Friday morning especially across northeastern Kansas and northern Missouri as the counterclockwise circulation wraps around us.

There has been a lot of rain already with Trenton picking up over 2.5" of rain and St. Joseph recieving 2.3" of rain. Now what about the weather for Friday? Since we will on the backside of the storm, some showers and drizzle is possible tomorrow morning with temperatures not making it out of the mid 40's and blustery winds. Skies should clear by Friday evening and lows overnight Friday will likely be near freezing.

I will try to update the blog everyday form now on. There are a couple more storms systems on the horizon that I will discuss later.

Alex Pickman

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wednesday night update

Thunderstorms are forming in eastern Kansas and are moving into northwestern Missouri. Expect heaving rain and vivid lightning with these storms. There may be a few isolated severe thunderstorms, but the chances of you seeing one is very slim. A 1/2 inch to and inch of rain is possible overnight.

I will add more thoughts on this storm system tomorrow morning...

Alex Pickman