Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tornado Watches!

Thunderstorms have formed in eastern Kansas and have rapidly become supercells. There have already been reports of a few tornadoes and huge hail up to baseball size! Here is the current radar image:

As a result of these storm forming, the SPC has issued 3 Tornado Watches, 2 of them for our area. Here are the Watches below.

This Watch is for North Central Missouri until 10:00PM CDT:

This next is for northwestern Missouri, southwestern Iowa, southern Nebraska, and northern Kansas until 9:00 PM;

There is a third watch that has just been issued for northwestern Kansas, western Nebraska, and northeastern Colorado.
These storms in northeastern Kansas, entering Missouri are very dangerous, producing very large hail, strong winds, vivd lightning, and possible tornadoes. There is only one Tornado Warning right now for exterme northern Atchison County, KS and southern Doniphin County, KS.
I will have an update soon.
Alex Pickman


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