Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday weather...Next rain chance

Lets take a look at yesterday's severe weather reports:

There were 5 tornado reports in Missouri, but we will see how many are verified, but the most common reports in Missouri last night was the hail. The freezing point in the atmosphere was down to around 15,000 feet, and coupled with an enviornment suitible for very strong updrafts, very large hail was the result. There was one storm in particular yesterday that developed in Nebraska and quickly strengthened into a supercell. This storm did drop a couple tornadoes, but it also produced unusually large hail. Lake Viking, MO, just north of Cameron, MO reported GRAPFRUIT size hail for 10 minutes! The storm finally began to weaken as it entered Livingston county.

Yesterday was active, but it wasnt widespread. Now what about today's weather? There is still a chance of some lingering showers, but they should diminish and move to the east into Illinois. Skies should become partly cloudy and temperatures should be in the 70's and low 80's around the area making a pretty nice afternoon.

Our next chance of rain comes in tomorrow as a warm front lift north.

You can see the the warm front Tuesday afternoon in the map above. Here is the severe risk area for Tuesday:

The thunderstorm threat will continue into Wednesday. I will have a new blog tomorrow discussing the threat.
Alex Pickman


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