Sunday, June 7, 2009

Evening update!

Here is the current watches and warnings:

The Tornado Watch remains in effect until midnight tonight. Notice the Tornado Warning WNW of Chilicothee. There is a supercell thunderstorm moving southeastward producing GRAPEFRUIT sized hail and maybe a tornado! There have been reports of the funnel coming down and lifting back up. The Tornado Warning has just been extended to 9:45 PM as I am typing this. Take a look at the radar image below:

You can see the supercell thunderstorm in Daviess County, MO. I have drawn in the progected path based on its current movement. Remember, this storm is producing up to grapefruit szed hail which is 4 inches in diameter and has the potential to drop a tornado. Hail of that magnitude will cause significant damage, taking out crops, windows, large dents in vehicals, and stripping leaves from trees. Right now the storm appears to be weakening slightly, but this may be a recycling phase, but whatever the case, this is an extermely dangerous storm.

Another area of rain and thunderstorms is pushing up from the southwest in Kansas. We will have to watch these for any more severe weather later tonight.

I will have an update soon.

Alex Pickman


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