Saturday, June 6, 2009

Morning rain and thunderstorms

Good morning, and area of rain and thunderstorms is moving across the area. Take a look at the radar picture below:

There is no severe weather, but some of the storms are producing heavy rains very vivd cloud to ground lightning. All of the precipitation is moving off to the east, but what is causing it? Here is the current surface map:

There is a nearly stationary frontal boundary near the Missouri Iowa border that is allowing the showers and thundersotrms to move through. As you can see on the map above, there is a chance of severe weather in northwestern Missouri and much of Kansas. I think late tonight and tomorrow morning will hold much of the same with a complex of thunderstorms forming and then riding along the front and pushing through northern Missouri.
Areas who see the rain this morning will be a bit cooler than locations to the south who didnt get any rain. The areas that didnt get rain will see lots of sunshine, and warm SW winds, allowing temperatures to warm up into the 80's.
But overall this weekend should be pretty nice. I will have an update later today or tomorrow.
Alex Pickman


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