Monday, June 15, 2009

Thunderstorms moving through

Thunderstorms began to form earlier this afternoon across Western Kansas, and rapidly developed into a vigorous MCS (Mesoscale Convective System). Here is an infrared satelite image of this mature and impressive MCS over Kansas and Missouri:

Lets take a look at the current weather warnings for the area.

As you can see it is very colorful, so lets try to break it down a bit. The yellow in Kansas is a Tornado Watch which I am expecting to be allowed to expire soon unless there is redevelopment which is possible. The pink is the Severe Thunderstorm Watch. The Orange is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and the green and red are flooding.

There have been reports of 60-80 mph winds some of these storms. The main threat in my opinion will be flooding. With dewpoints in the 70's this afternoon, the rain out of these storms will be very heavy, and I am expecting more tonight. One thing to note about these storms is that they are very electrical. There was over 20,000 lightning strikes in 10 minutes earlier around 10 PM.

I will keep you updated tonight

Alex Pickman


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