Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nice Friday

Well it was a great Thursday today with highs topping out in the 70's, light winds, and variably cloudy skies. Friday will be another near perfect day with upper 70's and low 80's around the area, partly cloudy skies, and winds out of the SSW at 5-15 mph.

A storm system is approaching around Sunday and there is a chance of a severe weather outbreak, but the models are showing a cap in place which a layer of warm air around 10,000 feet up which prevents thunderstorm development. If we are going to have severe weather, the cap needs to be a moderate level. If it is too weak, then we could get something like a morning squall line and thats it. If it is too strong, we will get nothing.

I am still working on a blog describing the cap, and I hope to have it ready tomorrow.

Alex Pickman


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