Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heavy bands of snow

Quick early morning update**

I did not have time to post a new entry during the day today, but I am back from class and it looks like this snowstorm is really ramping up as the cold air pours in. Take a look at the current surface map below:

Temperatures are crashing behind the cold front down into the low 30's and upper 20's with rain changing into heavy bands of snow. The rain/snow line is from about the Mound City, KS area northeast to the NE corner of Missouri. The swath of snow actually extends from Lubbock, TX all the way into Michigan. The NWS has issued Winter Storm Warnings for southern Kansas and southwestern Missouri with a Winter Weather Advisory from Kansas City northward.

Snow totals will likey between 3 and 10 inches with the heavier totals occurring the further south you go. There may be some areas the recieve 15+ inches of snow! This is part one of this storm with part 2 coming tomorrow, and maybe even a stronger part 3 coming in tomorrow night. I dont have time to get into a lot of detail right now, but I will have a new blog up tomorrow morning and I will get into much more detail.

This is likey the grand fanale to record setting Winter. Look for a new entry tomorrow morning.

Alex Pickman


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