Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Warmer weather has come to an uprupt end

Well the warmer weather we have been experiencing for a litle while now has cometo an en early this morning. Yesterday was the last warm day for quite a while. The strongest cold front of the season blasted through early this morning and much colder air has spilled into the region. Take a look at the current surface map below:

It is mostly cloudy this morning and I expect this hold the temperatures down until the clouds clear later in the day. I think highs today will range from the mid 30's across central and eastrn Missouri where I expect the clouds to hang around and upper 30's to low 40's across western Missouri where the sun should come out as the clouds press southeast.

It will be cold today, but the main thing I think you will notice is the strong northerly winds between 15 and 20 mph, gusting to 30. This makes it feel close to 10 degrees colder than it actually is. Lows tonight should drop into the low to mid 20's around the area.

This cold weather is going to continue for the next few weeks as the amplified pattern we saw earlier that brought the coldest first half of October on record is returning and the weather is going to get active very soon. It is likely going to snow sometime between Sunday and Tuesday as warm advection condition set up and there will likely be some accumulations, but I will focus on that later as it approaches.

Alex Pickman


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