Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick update

We are finally about to get rid of this stubborn storm system, but we still have to deal with it today. As the storm pulls away we are still getting the wrap around showers and drizzle. The best chance of precipitation will remain this morning with probably a 60% chance, but there will be a chance of showers/drizzle through the afternoon. There will likely be a steady area of rain around the Knob Knoster/Sedalia area later this afternoon pressing southward. Temperatures today wont be as cold with highs in the low to mid 40's. The good news will be that the sun should return for tomorrow and will start a nice warming trend with 50's for a few days

I am tracking another storm that could be significant, and may bring our next chance of snowflakes. It will be hard as this storm will once again not be able to tap into arctic air and will need to be pretty strong to bring some snowflakes. We will see how it plays out in the coming days. I will have a new blog on this next storm later this afternoon.

Alx Pickman


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