Monday, December 14, 2009

Arctic blast

Another arctic front is pushing through the area this morning and temperatures are going to drop significantly throughout the day. Take a look at the current surface map where I drew in the fronts:

Temperatures just ahead of the front are near 40 degrees or warmer. This will be very diceiving today as this front is going to blast through. For emample, it is close to 40 degrees in Kansas City right now (37 degrees), but by noon, i think temperatures will have crashed into the upper teens with norwest winds and maybe a few snowflakes. It is going to be like this all around the area. A few snowflakes will be possible once the front passes through, but the biggest change will be the temperatures. Tuesday morning is going to be extremely cold with low in the single digits, and maybe below zero across northern Missouri where the snow pack is still in place.

Highs on Tuesday may not even make it out of the teens in some spots. If your someone looking for a warmer day, it looks like Thursday will be your day with low 50's possible before more cold air spills in.

I will have an update later today as the arctic air pours into the area.

Alex Pickman


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