Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17...Major snowstorm in the brewing?

Happy St. Patricks Day. It has been a couple months since I posted an entry due to me leaving Baisc Training, but you can expect entries on a regular basis now. A weak disturbence is moving through the area right now and it is producing some showers this morning with even a couple snowflakes mixed in. The good news is that this wont be an all day event as skies should begin to clear in the afternoon. This will lead to a cool, partly cloudy afternoon with highs in the mid to upper 40's.

Your probably wondering where Spring went with this cool weather, but it is about to return....briefly. Take a look at the map below:

There is storm system just starting to develop Thursday in the northwest and way out ahead of it, a ridge is building just behind the deep trough in the Eastern States. This ride is going to lead to to highs in the low to mid 60's Thursday and Friday. Im still not sure about Fridays high temperatures though as a strong cold front will be moving into the area in association to our developing storm, but as of right now I am going to go with 60's for highs.

The cold front will likely push through Friday evening and bring with it some rain and thunderstorms out ahead of the front. Behind will be some cold air and the may change over to snow. Right now the models are varying quite a bit. Some with no snow, some with a little, and even a major snowstorm. I can see very probable solutions leading to no snow, or a significant amount. This system is still 2 days away and a lot could still change and will, but will it lead to snow or no snow? I will try to answer this tomorrow, but this will likely be a "nowcasting" event.

I will have a new blog entry tomorrow regarding this system.

Alex Pickman


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