Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hot Saturday then relief!

I havnt blogged in a long time due to vacation, and I was sick for three days.

Well it will be a very hot day today with highs in the mid 90's dominating the area. There will also likely be temperatures in the low 100's southwest of Kansas City. Accompanied with these high temperatures will be high dewpoints in the 70's. The hot weather and high humidity will cause heat indicies to be between 105 and 110. There may even be a couple locations to the south that see heat indicies of near 115!

As a result, the NWS has issued a Heat Advisory for the entire area, and an Excessive Heat Warning from Western Missouri including Kansas City and points southwest.

The good news though is that relief is on the late this afternoon as a weak cold front approaches around 4-7 PM. This will knock down the temperatures and especially the humidity noticably. It wount come without a risk though as the is a slight risk of severe weather, but the odds of a thunderstorm hitting your area is pretty slim as the will be in a scattered line from Iowa to Oklahoma. Any storms that form can quickly become severe with damaging winds the main threat. There is a chance of some hail, but I would say up to nickel sized.

Once the wind picks up and you feel the shift, the threat of severe weather will be over, but there is some post frontal precipitation behind the front that may have some heavy rain with it.

I will update the blog later if any storms begin to form.

Alex Pickman


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