Monday, May 18, 2009

Warming trend

Sorry I havnt had any time to update the blog until now. Well I missed disussing a couple of severe weather event including a tornado in Kirksville, MO which I will try to discuss tomorrow, and a Sunday morning FROST in some locations with lows in the mid 30's! The crazy weather is now taking a break as a large area of high pressure is moving into the picture. take a look at the 500 mb forecast Tuesday:

You can see the very large are of high pressure which is dominating the weather this week. When you have a ridge of high pressure, the air becomes dense and sinks, causing it to warm at the surface. Highs on tursday will be in the mid 70's to low 80's around the area.

Since the air is sinking due to the high, there will be no chance of rain as clouds need lift to form. The high is also blocking cold fronts from geting to the area. Instead the fronts, make it to southern Minnisota and into Nebraska where they stall out and fall apart. This ridge will eventually move out and allow the fronts to approach us again. With that said our next xhance of rain will arrive between Saturday and Monday.

Expect a nice warmup through Thursday with highs near 80 or better around the area. I will talk about the Kirksville tornadoes tomorrow. And yes I said tornaodes, there were 2!

Alex Pickman


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