Monday, July 6, 2009

Heat is on the way!

Well as I mentioned in the last blog we did have our end of the week rain and thunderstorms. Unfortunately they fell on Friday morning, Friday night, and Saturday morning. The good news was that with the rain and a cold front the past weekend was excellent with highs in the 70's and low 80's! But it is July now and as you know those cool days are pretty uncommon and the heat is likely to return.

This is exactly the case this week as the high pressure system that brought us the week of 90's last week is moving our way once again. Last week, the high built in, but didnt dominate the weather as a cold front pushed it out of the area, bringing the rain and cooler conditions.

Now that high pressure is working its way back in from the southwest and it is going to get hot. take a look at the 500 mb map below:

The high will work its way toward us over the next few days and will be in full force by the end of the week. The first places to heat up near us will be Oklahoma and western Kansas and may sizzle into 110's in spots.

Here is the 500 mb map for Friday:

As you can by the end of the week, the high will be near us and we will be well into the 90's and with high humidity, heat indicies will likely be 105+ The good news is it shouldnt last a long time as just like last time, it will be pushed out of the area soon.

So Summer is back in force again this week. There is a chance of some storms this weekend, but it is not very high I will see how it looks later.

For your Monday (today) expect abundant sunshine with temperatures in the low to mid 80's across the area. I think there could be a few isolated pop up showers or thunderstorms across northern Missouri. Winds will be light to calm across the region today and tonight with high pressure over the area behind the recent cold front.

I will have a new blog soon.

Alex Pickman


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