Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday MCS

Wow, it feels like a long time since I have typed a new blog. I have been way to busy over the past week or so that I could not find the time to type a new blog. Well now I have a break so lets talk about what is happening this morning. Take a look at the satelite image I borrowed from NBC Action

This a very well organized and mature MCS or Mesoscale Convective System. The southern part of the system is producing a very intense line of thunderstorms with damaging winds the main threat.

So what does this mean for us? Well rain will spread is from west to east, but will be limited more to I-70 and southward when it does so. There is a strong likelyhood of some strong to severe thunderstorms near and south of I-70, especially down toward southwest Missouri as that intense line of storms nears the area.

I think more moderate to heavy rain will begin to develop north of the river as the mature MCS continues to strengthen. So I think rain is likely across the entire state today. The good news is this is a pretty fast moving system, and pretty much as soon as the rain ends, the sun should begin poking through. Highs should be in the 70's today. A cold front will push through tonight and it will likely get fairly windy as it passes through.

The weekend looks very good with sunny skies Saturday and highs in the upper 60's and low 70's around the area. Now on Sunday, high pressure will move into the region and you would think that would mean nice weather, and it will. But with a disturbence moving through the mid and upper layers of the atmosphere, a few sprinkles or showers are possible.

There will be a warm front, that will bring a chance of rain and thunderstorms on Tuesday, the a cold front bring a chance of rain and thunderstorms on Wednesday.

Now I missed discussing the weather event on May 7th. Well rain and thunderstorms dropped south out of Iowa. A couple of the storms stregthened, and one moved into Livingston and Grundy counties where a tornado warning was issued. A small tonado did touch down near Gallitin, MO, uprooting some trees. Now when a tornado warning is issued in the viewing area of a news station, meteorologists must cut in, in an attempt to warm people in the path of the storm. Well on May 7th, Gary Lezak (NBC Action News) did so along with other stations and did wall to wall coverage for 30 minutes until the storm moved into a more rural area and weakened. On NBC, the office was on and people missed it. Reading comments regarding the coverage of the storm, people were pissed off that Gary would stay on for 30 minutes over 1 storm producing a small tornado near the edge of the viewing area. There were comments saying things like you dont need to be covering a storm that far away from Kansas City.

Well how in the hell is a storm one and a half hours away from Kansas City a long ways away!? When you have a storm, even if is only one in the viewing area threatening peoples lives, the news is obligated to interupt programming in an attempt to save lives. Poeple would rather bitch about missing their favorite show - WHICH MAY I ADD WAS REPLAYED! - Over understanding that other people's lives could be at risk. Luckily, the tornado touched down in a rural area and just uprooted some trees. But think if this storm would have been in Kansas City, then you would expect Gary and other stations to cut in. It amazes me how low-lifed and self centered people are!! Now matter how many way you do something, somebody will always be complaining. I hope the people that felt the may they did, feel different when a storm threatens them.

Have a great day,

Alex Pickman


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