Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday weather...Rainy week ahead

Sorry, I havnt had any time this weekend to post a new blog entry. Lets get right into what is going to happen today. A cold front is slowly sagging southeast, and with warm, moist air out ahead of it, showers and thunderstorms are likely. Some thunderstorms could be severe, with hail and high winds the main threat. There is a slight risk across central Missouri. I my opinion, the chance of severe weather is very slim. I think the primary threat will be flooding as these storms will be training over the same areas across central Missouri.

I think 1 to 4 inches will be possible if you are under training thunderstorms.

The rain will continue to slowly push southeast with the stalling cold front. I think the front will stall way in southeastern Missouri, and our next storm will approach us Wednesday. This will interact with the stationary front and draw it back north as a strong warm front on Wednesday. It will likely get muggy as the warm front will be drawing gulf moisture into the region. This moisture along with the rising motion, thunderstorms will be likely Wednesday. The storms will likely be heavy, and flooding will be a concern again. Severe may be possible again, but that may hold off untill Thursday or Thursday night as the strong cold front comes through.

So expect rain and thunderstorms today, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and maybe Sunday or Monday...We will only get a couple of breaks this week, so enjoy them while they last. Our first break will be tomorrow and maybe Saturday.

I will have a new blog tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

Alex Pickman


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