Sunday, February 15, 2009

Warm up...Arctic blasts?!

It was a cool and sunny day today with highs in the low to mid 30's around the area. Areas in NW Missouri, who had some accumulating snow on Friday, remained 5-10 degrees cooler. Take a look at the visible satelite image below:

You can see the band of snow that tracked through Nebraska and Iowa. It was very close to having a major snowstorm in our area, but the track of the storm system stayed too far north. In my opinion, this was our best chance all season for heavy snowfall, but yet again, it just didnt play out.

The storm system swung a cold front through Friday, and now high pressure is nearing the area. Winds will be calm overnight, and skes will be clear. This will allow for temperatures to drop into the teens, and maybe around 9 or 10 degrees in extreme northwest Missouri where the snowpack exists.

The winds will switch from the east tonight to the south on Monday, allowing highs Monday to make it into the 40's in many locations with winds win the 5-15 mph range. A warm front will lift morth Monday night, and highs Tuesday will likely be in the 50's. Now this warm up will be associated with storm system which may bring another snowstorm near the area. The most likely outcome is the snow falls in Nebraska and Iowa once again as the low stays to the north, but a slight track to the south, and we will end up in the snow. I think the snow is going to stay to the north of us once again though.

The main thing this next storm is going to bring to our area is a big drop in tempertures with a strong cold front late Tuesday afternoon. Lows Tuesday night will likley be in the low teens and even single digits across the area, and if the storm does produce some accumulating snow, you can take off 5 to 10 more degrees. Highs Wednesday will likely be in the 20's.

Then anoter strong cold front will push through around Friday night with another arctic blast. Highs on Saturday may be in the 20's.

I will have a new blog tomorrow night.

Alex Pickman


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