Friday, February 13, 2009

Another miss!

Well this third storm in the series was a dud for the immediate area. The morning started off with some light mixed precipitation around the area which did not lead much to anything. As the vort max moved across central and northern Kansas, snow developed in Nebraska and spread into Iowa with significant accumulations. The storm tracked into northern Missouri and southern Iowa with the heaviest precipitation just to the north of it.

As the storm continued pressing east, the counterclockwise rotation allowed some of the snow to wrap around the beack side, but it was light, only producing a dusting to an inch in spots north of I-70. The snow total at KCI was only 0.1". Kind of depressing when you think just a couple hundred miles away, the snow was comig down at 2 inches per hour!

The snow is now moving off towards Chicago where more heavy snow accumulations are likely. This storm, when it was just off the west coast, was a very organized strong upper level low, and by the time it got here it was a little wave that moved to the north eliminating our chances of seeing a decent snowstorm. I think this was our best shot all season, and yet again, it missed us.

There is one more band of snow extending down to highway 36 which may cause a dusting in spots.

Take a look at the water vapor satelite image below:

Storm number 2 which affected the area Tuesday night and Wednesday is still a fairly strong upper level low north of Maine. Storm number 4, which is due in around Sunday, was very strong and well developed. It is now moving onshore and is weakening which is what this current storm #3 did. Storm #4 should come through as another wave, and the lastest data has no precipitation for Sunday.

A 5th storm will arrive sometime next Tuesday, but right now, it looks to be Nebraska and Iowa with the snow, but a slight shift south, and we could be in the snow. This is still several days out, so things will change.

I will have a new blog tomorrow morning.

Alex Pickman


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