Sunday, February 1, 2009

Brief cool down...then spring returns again!

All January long, the precipitation was not the main charactoristic. In fact, precipitation was not even a charactoristic in January with Kansas City recording their second driest January on record (0.05"). The main charactoristic for the month and all season long has been the big temperature swings. This has and wil be the case for this week.

Yesterday Kansas City and St. Joseph both broke their record high with temperatures in the low 70's. Now today, Febuary 1st, temperatures are cooling, but are still well above average with highs in the mid to upper 40's and 50's not far away.

Then of course all season long when we get a big warm up, we get a big cool down, and temperatures Monday night will drop into the teens, and will likely not get out of the 20's in most locations on Tuesday, and lows Tuesday night will likely be in the single digits.

Then just as you think Winter is back, here comes another Spring tease this week with a ridge building through the weekend. Wednesday..30's and 40's. Thursday and Friday...50's and 60's. Saturday and Sunday...40's and 50's. There may also be a couple disturbences pushing through this weekend and I think thunderstorms may be a possibility.

Dont get used to these warm temperatures as Winter is about to make a big return as we head into Feburary. Arctic air is going to reload with vigorous force, likely stronger than any other time this season and we will get blasted by some more major arctic blasts. There will still be frequent Spring apperences as the temperature swings contiue through the rest of the Winter season.

I will have a new blog tomorrow night.

Alex Pickman


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