Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cold morning...warm up!

It was a very cold morning with a low of 10 degrees at St. Joeseph, Missouri and single digits just to the north of that as high pressure moved into the area. Today will remain cold with temperatures topping out in the 30's across the area with abundant sunshine. Lows tonight will dip into te low 20's and teens before a warm up comes into play this week.

Take a look at the current surface map:

Monday will be the first day of at least 4 nice days. I think highs Monday will push into the mid to upper 40's with 50's nearby. Then Tuesday and Wednesday will be the warmest days during this warm up with mid to upper 50's on Tuesday and mid 50's to mid 60's on Wednesday. I see a possibility of 60's pushing into the area on Tuesday, but the most likely day for 60 degree weather will be Wednesday.
Another weaker arctic front will push through the area sometime Thursday evening, and temperatures will likley drop into the teens and 20's once again. There may be a chance of some rain and thunderstorms out ahead of the fron Thursday, but it doesnt look like we will be in the right spot once again.
This Winter has been a dissapointment for snow lovers, but you cant say it hasnt been a wild ride so far with the temperature swings. with 50 to 60 degree drops in temperatures.
Alex Pickman


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