Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold and....snow?...Updated!

Good Sunday morning! Well the snowfall acted the way I though it would with 1 to 3 inches along and north of highway 36 with lighter accumulations to the south. This was the largest snowfall of 2009 in many spots as the month has remained quite dry.

I will have a new blog this evening on the snow potential for Monday and Tuesday as well as my snowfall forecast.

Well there are several disturbences rolling through the area this week, and we wil feel the affects of one of these disturbences Saturday night and Sunday morning. An area of snow will develop, and increase in coverage over southern Nebraska and work its way southeastward into Missouri. I think areas along and north of I-70 will see some accumulation. Areas south of Highway 36 will likely get a dusting to around half an inch. Locations along and north of highway 36 will likely see 1-3 inches of snow.

The snow will end early Sunday morning and the day Sunday will remain cloudy and cold with highs in the low to upper teens and lowers 20's around the area. Lows Sunday night will likely fall in the lower teens and single digits. I wouldnt rule out some light snow or flurries for Sunday night. I would say a 30 percent chance of snow.

Then the snow chance returns for Monday and especially Monday evening through Tuesday as there will be a disturbence to ou north and a disturbence to our south. There could be some accumulation with this, but it is still a bit early to tell. I think there will be light accumulations of maybe up to 2 inches.

I will have an update Sunday morning.

Alex Pickman


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