Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Updated snowfall

Well most of the area is above freezing, and the ice on the roadways is melting, but it is still very slick in many spots around the area, especially in north central Missouri. Snow is now developing behind the cold front and here is what I am thinking.

Here is my updated snowfall forecast for the area:

This storm is still very disorganized. You may think different when you look at the radar and see all the snow developing in Kansas, but if you look at the vater vapor satelite, you cant even see the upper low. The area of 3+ inches could still push a further south and expand if this storm manages to gets its act together overnight. Lets take a look at Kansas City where I am expecting 1-2 inches, but like I just said, if this storm gets organized, KC could end up with 3-4 inches. St. Joe looks to be in the bullseye for snowfall right now.

Here is the forecast for the area tonight through Wednesday. The cold front will push through the area overnight and the temperatures will crash into the teens. Snow which is already developing with push through from West to East, and will push through Missouri between 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM Wednesday. The snow could be heavy at times, and if you get placed under a heavy band, you can expect higher totals. But I think the heavy snow bands will likley be around where St. Joeseph where I have that bullseye for 3+ inches.

I think the snow should be out of the area by 12:00 PM tomorrow with the sun coming out in the afternoon.

This is a very complex forecast as this storm is not really visible, and just trying to get its act together. I will have an update if there are any significant changes tonight, but I will have a new blog tomorrow morning tracking this snow.

Alex Pickman


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