Saturday, December 20, 2008

Advancing arctic front...Christmas storm?

Here is the current location of the intense arctic front.

Temperatures will be crashing tonight, and the winds will be picking up to 20-40 mph. This create very dangerous the -10 to -30 range. Here is the map showing the Wind Chill Advisory in effect until Monday morning below:

I am thinking lows Sunday morning will be in the 0 to -5 range across the area, north od I-70. And highs on Sunday wont make it out of the single digits. Lows Monday morning will likely be in the -5 to -15 degress range! Highs should rebound into the teens on Monday.

Then we turn our attention to the possible snowstorm Tuesday night into Christmas eve. The models are showing accumulating snow possible, and right now, I think we will have a white Christmas as it only takes an inch or more of snow on the ground.

I will have an update as temperatures drop, and the brutally cold air takes over.

Alex Pickman


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