Sunday, December 21, 2008

Overnight lows...Christmas storm

Take a look at the Sunday night low temperautre map I drew below:

As you can see, the negative temperatures did manage to push into norther Missouri as I expected. I thought maybe they would push a bit further south, more toward I-70, but it was close as temperatures were in the 1-3 degrees range along, and just a bit south of I-70. Overall, the locations that did recieve 0 degrees or below ranges from 0 to -5 degrees.

Highs today (Sunday) will probably be in the single digits from I-70 northward. But I think location along and south of I-70 will be in the low to mid teens.

Lows tonight will range from -5 to -13, possibly up to -15. Locations who get the negative temperatures colder the -10 will be in the snowpacked northern Missouri. The winds blow over the snow and ice, cooling the air down at the surface even more.

Wednesday (Christmas eve) still looks to possible bring accumulating snow. The GFS has been quite consistent with a decent snowstorm developing, and if the scenario plays out, much of the region will get a white Christmas.

There always seems to be an opposite to the models, and there is no exception here. The NAM is not forecasting much snow at all with this Wednesday system. But which models will pull through? I am hoping for the GFS to take control, but both models will likely begin to agree with eath other on a scenario somewhere in between.

We will have to wait and see how it plays out.

Alex Pickman


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