Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday night update

I have a 10:45 PM update on the cold temperatures and the chance of a white Christmas. Lets start out with the cold temperatures...Lows mainly north of I-70 will range from 0 to -5 degrees. Wind chills tonight will be between -10 to -25 degrees on top of that. Tomorrow will be in the single digits along and north of I-70, with low to mid teens to the south. Wind chills tomorrow will be between -5 to -20 degrees. Then Sunday night and early Monday morning is when the coldest air of the season arrives. Lows Sunday night and Monday morning will range from -7 to -10 in Kansas City to -11, -12, -13 to the north of the city! Wind chills by Monday morning will be between -15 to -30+ degrees!

I am expecting that areas which havnt been issued under a Wind Chill Advisory will be put under one by tomorrow night. These areas include southeastern Kansas, and southern and southeastern Missouri.

Now what about the possible storm Christmas eve? Right now, the models look pretty impressive with the snowfall Tuesday night into Wednesday. It looks like a large area of possibly heavy snow will develop right over Kansas City, and progress eastward. If this occurs, much of the area will have a white Christmas.

I will have an update tomorrow concerning the temperatures for tomorrow night, and the latest thinking on the Christmas eve storm.

Alex Pickman


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