Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My snowfall forecast for tomorrow as of now

Take a look at the surface map below:

You can see the current location of the cold front. There is still some lingering precipitation out ahead of the front from the first wave. It has mainly all switched over to rain, but there may still be some freezing rain or sleet here or there, but temperatures will continue to slowly rise this evening. Then the main storm will arrive. The cold front will push through later tonight, blasting in some cold air. Snow will be forming in Kansas on the back side of the front and make its way into Missouri as the upper low moves in from the west. There is potential for some fairly heafty snow totals by tomorrow morning, but how much may accumulate.
Here is my snowfall forecast as of now:

That 3+ inch band could have totals as high as 6 inches with heavier snow bands. This could shift north or south. If you get caught under one of the heavy snow bands, you will likely get 3+ inches by Wednesday morning.
I will have an update sometime by 10:30 PM or so with a new updated snowfall map.
Alex Pickman


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