Monday, December 29, 2008

Finally a break, but will it last?

We havehad a wild past week of weather ranging from cold to warm temperatures, with highs near 70 degrees in spots, to severe thunderstorms with bow echos producing and near 80 mph winds, to heavy freezing rain, then snow accumulating up to 2 inches.

We are now being blessed with a much deserved break. But how long will it last? A cold front pushed through the area this afternoon, and dropped the temperatures into the 30's. They will continue to fall overnight, but then another warm front pushes through associated with a clipper system. A clipper is just a fast moving storm that races through the area.

Temperatures will be on the rise early tomorrow morning, and highs tomorrow will be in the low to upper 50's around the area. There will be another cold front associated with the same clipper system that will push through during the afternoon. This is not a strong front, it just has some Pacific energy. Temperatures will drop into the 40's later in the afternoon.

There will be a stronger front with arctic air behind it that may or may not push through Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I think it will push through, but temperatures will likely moderate behind it, and the front will weaken. I think highs Wednesday will range from the mid 20's to low 30's. So it will be cold, but not frigid. Lows Wednesday night will be in the low to upper 20's.

Then back into the 40's on Thursday, and into the 30's again on Friday. So the ups and downs continues this week, but there is no brutally cold air. It will also be dry. I do see a a very slight chance of some rain showers or sprinkles on Saturday.

So expect a decent weeks with highs generally above freezing, and no precipitation. But will the nice weather continue into next week?

There is an extensive arctic air mass building in Canada, northward through Siberia, and it is looking to get stronger than the past 3 weeks. There is no way it wont come down, so the question is will it come down in pieces, or a couple huge arctic blasts?

That is still up in the air to me, but I think it may get very cold sometime next week, and possibly stormy.

Alex Pickman


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