Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Very difficult forecast!

Well as I hinted in the last entry, this is a very tough forecast and will be all week. We will likely be on the very edge of a heatwave across Kansas and Oklahoma where 110's are possible over the next few days. But what about us?

Take a look at the 500 mb flow for Friday:

In the forecast map above we are on the edge of the hot weather, and this as been shifting back and forth between us being near 100 degrees to us being near 90 degrees over the past few model runs. I am now back to thinking it will be near 90 degrees Thursday and Friday as we will likely be on the edge of the hot weather with thunderstorm activity rotating around right through us. There is a slight chance of rain everday as these little disturbences rotate around the high. Those little disturbences will also help keep the temperatures down.

Now what about today? There a small area of thunderstorms drifting southward near the Missouri/Kansas border. The rain and cloud cover and an outflow boundary from this should keep us in the 80's.

I will have a new blog tomorrow.

Alex Pickman


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