Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taste of Spring!

The next 7-10 days will make you think Spring is here to stay as we will be near to well above average. Warm air surging northward across the western plains is pressing eastward and we will be in the 50's across the area this weekend with some 60's nearby on Sunday. But the big warm up comes Monday and Tuesday.

The warm air will surge into the area on Monday and highs will be generally in the low to mid 70's. On Tuesday a cold front will be approaching and out ahead of that, temperatures will soar into the 70's and even some low 80's likely.

The cold front will push through Tuesday eveing, but it should only drop highs for Wednesday and Thursday back to near average with 50 degree reading. Then it looks like possibly another warm up next week.

I will have a new blog soon.

Alex Pickman


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