Saturday, February 28, 2009

One hell of a day!

Well it did snow last night and this morning, but im going to admit my forecast was COMPLETELY off. Take a look at my previous forecast from last night below:

What happened today didnt look like this at all. The map below shows the accumulation today:

I went to bed last night with a very uncomfortable feeling about my snowfall forecast. At around 4:30, I woke up, and it wasnt snowing yet at my house which is in Marceline, Missouri. I looked at the data, and the low had tracked a bit further west placing areas around KC, Warrensburg, Sedalia and points southeast in a heavy band of snow. The storm drew in enough moisture for heavy snowfall rates to occur of up to 2 inches an hour!
I am dissapointed in myself for missing this forecast, but it was a tricky one, and the other day, I thought this would be a "nowcasting" event, but I sure as heck wasnt staying up that late last night. This was my first blown forecast this season, and man it gets to you! The good new about weather though is you always get another chance.
I am very pleased this turned out to be a major snowstorm because our area hasnt seen one all season until now.
Now with a fresh blanket of snow on the groung in many areas, high pressure moving in, clear skies, and calm winds we will experience the perfect set up for radiational cooling. Lows tonight will dip into the single digits, and below zero in spots. Highs tomorrow, in places who saw the snow, likely will struggle to make it into the mid to upper 20's.
But is this Winter's final rally...I dont think so. But Spring is about to make another appearence once again as we are about to have warm air surge into the region Tuesday through Friday, with highs in the 50's, 60's, and 70's around the area.
I will have a new blog tomorrow. Hopefully soon we will have another snowstorm, and I have a chance to redeem myself.
Alex Pickman


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