Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cold today...warm up?

Take a look at the current surface map below:

It has been a cold day with highs topping out only in the 30's. The reason for this cold day is the clockwise flow around high pressure to our northeast. High clouds will likely spread into the area late this afternoon and overnight and lows will dip into the 20's by Friday morning. Tonight will be a transitioning period as the high continues moving to the east, and winds begin to switch to the south on Friday.

Highs on Friday will top out in the 40's in most locations, kicking off a slow, but impressive warm up. I think by Monday, highs will be topping out in the 70's in many locations. And by Tuesday, St. Patrick's day, highs will likely be in the 70's with 80's nearby!

Another cold front will move through arond Thursday of next week, so enjoy this warm up. The cold front are continuing to get weaker with the exception of the few really strong ones, and the warm up's are getting more and more impressive.

Average high temperatures make a big jump in March. Right now, the average highs around the area are in the low 50's. They started out in the 40's and by the end of the month, average high temperatures will be in the 60's.

I will a have a new blog soon.

Alex Pickman


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