Saturday, July 18, 2009

Very nice weekend

Take a look at the current 500 mb map I drew on below:

Notice the high pressure area over the western states, this is making it very hot there and it should continue for a while to come. This is not the case for the eastern United States as a trough has developed. This is one of the dominating features of this years pattern, and as a result, we are experincing a cooler than average summer. Eastern Kansas and Missouri are in a northwest flow. This pattern would likely produce some rain, but not this time around due to a cold front that pushed through a couple days ago. The front was strong for this time of year and completely washed out the high dewpoints into the 40's and brought in cooler air.

Here is the forecast high temperatures for today (Saturday):

You can clearly tell where the trough is as the temperature gradient is pretty impressive. Highs on Saturday will be in 70's to maybe around 80 near Kansas City. Lows tonight will be in the low to upper 50's, likely breaking the record for the third night straight in many locations! Highs for your Sunday will be in the mid to upper 70's and low 80's across the area making for another fantastic day to finish the weekend. This has to have been the best Summer weekend ever with very comfortable highs, and record low temperatures, which is not very common in the southern Plains.

It looks the moisture will start to filter back Monday night and Tuesday, and there will be an increase in the chance of rain and thunderstorms. I will have a new blog later.

Alex Pickman


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