Thursday, March 26, 2009

Evening update

It is still looking good for heavy snow around the area sometime late Friday night through Saturday. The accumulation totals will depend on the track of the low. If it trends a bit further north, then areas around KC will be in the bullseye for possibly 6-12+ inches! On the contrary, the storm can easily trend further south, and leave us with no snowflakes at all.

Right now it looks like areas around Pleasenton, KS may see the most snow in our area. There are still a lot of questions with this storm, mainly on its track, and it is still 30-36 hours away.

There is a chance of some showers tonight, but they are struggling to pass I-70.

We will start out as rain sometime Friday afternoon or evening, and then change to snow possibly as early as Friday night or Saturday. This is also another big factor on how much snow you get. So if you are hoping for a big snow, you want the storm to take a perfect track depending on where you live, and a quick changeover to snow.

Once again, this storm is still 30-36 hours out, so I will have an update Friday morning with the latest data.

Alex Pickman


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