Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wild weather continues

Sorry, I havnt had time to post a blog in a couple days, so lets take a look at what happened this weekend.

As a storm developed, temperatures warmed into the upper 30's to mid 40's on Thursday, and Thursday night into Friday, the southerly winds increased and the temperatures warmed into the mid 40's to low to mid 50's on Friday. A strong warm front developed late Friday, and pushed through Kansas City Saturday morning. The front did not make it that much further north as St. Joeseph remained in the 50's with clouds.

Wow, 50 degree weather even with out the passage of the front. So how warm did it get in the locations the front passed through? Well it got up to 69 in down town Kansas City and an incredible 71 degrees in Sedalia, MO. There were near 80 degrees temperatures in Oklahoma!

Then of course with the pattern we have seen all winter, a big swing in the temperatures was expected. And Saturday night a strong cold front pushed through the region, and temperatures dropped significantly. Here is a list a the temperature swings we saw during the month of December, and so far this January.

December 9: Temperature drop of 51 degrees. High: 60 Low: 9

December 14: Temperature drop of 54 degrees. High: 60 Low: 6

December 27: Temperature drop of 42 degrees. High: 65 Low: 23

January 3 to 6 a.m. January 4: Temperature drop of 49 degrees. High: 63 Low: 14

These temperatures were recorded at KCI. I am expecting these big temperatures swings to continue all Winter.

After temperatures did not get out of the 20's today due to the cold front Saturday, I am expecting more average temperatures early this week with mid to upper 30's pushing back in. This warm up will likely continue through Friday as another storm system approaches.

40's return for Wednesday and Thursday, and if the storm keeps its track north, we will see highs in the 50's again on Friday, with another potent front moving through Friday night.

I no there have been forecasts showing possible snow on Tuesday, but the disturbence will likley pass through dry, and not get its act together until it is well southeast of us, so I think we will remain dry. Even if it were to snow, it would only be flurries and/or a couple snow showers with no accumulation.

I will have an update tomorrow on the next warm up and COOL DOWN.

Alex Pickman


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