Sunday, January 11, 2009

Warm up then a frigid end to the week

Highs today (Sunday) were in the upper 30's to low to mid 40's with sunshine. Lows tonight will be in the upper teens to mid 20's. Now what about Monday?

Monday's forecast is very tricky as we are dealing with a surge of warm air, possibly some precipitation, and a strong cold front.

There is a storm system approaching the area Monday and by Monday morning, warm air will surging in out ahead of the storm system. Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40's to possibly around 50 degrees in spots. This warm air surging in poses some forecasting problems.

Right as the warm air begins to filter in, there will be some precipitation forming. With temperatures at the time near to a few degrees above freezing, there will likely be a mixed bag of precipiatation. The band of precip. will likely be in the form of some snow, sleet, and rain, but we will likely not know till it is right on top of us. There shouldnt be any problems as there is really only an hour or two for us to recieve any precip, and it will be on the light side. I am not expecting any accumulation, but if you are in an area that sees snow and/or sleet, there may be a dusting or a very small coating of ice pellets on the ground.

The next problem will be the timing of the cold front. The front, by noon, should be near or just east of Clinton, Sedalia, Columbia, and Moberly, MO. Temperatures wont fall much until late afternoon and through the overnight hours when they will fall pretty drastically into the single digits for most areas.

Winds will also be on the increase between 3 and 9 PM Monday. After the cold front passes by, the winds will increase to 20-35 mph, gusting to near 45 mph at times. This wind combined with temperatures in the single digits Monday night will creat for dangerous windchills between 0 and -10 degrees, and even colder in gusts. Highs Tuesday look to be in the teens and 20's with breezy winds in the morning between 10 and 20 mph becoming lighter as the day wears on.

After we get this storm over with, there is another, even stronger system for Wednesday. Again, temperatures will warm out ahead of the system, and there may some precipitation. Then later Wednesday, another strong arctic front will blast through, and temperatures will plumit into the single digits and negatives Wednesday night and only make it in to the upper single digits and teens on Thursday as high pressure settles in. Friday will remain very cold with highs in the teens and 20's.

I will have an update on the cold front and the frigid air later this week tomorrow.

Alex Pickman


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