Monday, September 28, 2009

Windy tonight

The front that pushed through the area yesterday has moved well east and south of us. Now we are experiencing very gusty winds and cooler temperatures today. Lows this morning were in the mid to upper 40's. I think this afternoon, temperatures will warm into the mid to upper 60's with low 60's in northeastern Missouri. Any 70's will reside in Kansas and southern Missouri. There is already pretty strong winds this morning and it will remain windy through the afternoon.

After a cold that strong, the skies should remain cloudless and this will be one determining factor on how cold we get tonight. With the strong upper level low pressing to the east, the strong winds will move along with it. This will put us in favorable conditions for some radiational cooling. Radiational cooling is when you have clear skies, calm winds, and preferably high pressure overhead. This allows the heat built up during the day, to be released from the earth into the atmosphere.

I dont think the winds will go completely calm, so temperatures could be just just a bit warmer by a degree or to, but low to mid 40's are likely south of highway 36 and upper 30's are possible north of highway 36. This will likely be the case for Tuesday night as well. I will have a new blog Tuesday and discuss our next chance of rain.

Alex Pickman


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