Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday weather and next cold front

Lows this morning were in the 60's with low heavy cloud cover and some drizzle in spots across the area. There are some showers in central Missouri as well. It will be tough to forecast high temperatures today with all the cloud cover. There is nearly no flow at the surface, so the clouds are moving very slowly and will likely stick around into the afternoon. We will have to rely on the sun to burn these clouds away today.

I am still going to stick with my forecast for highs in the low to mid 70's across the area, but locations in northeast Missouri may stay in upper 60's with cloud cover. I think the clouds should begin to burn off west to east later this afternoon.

Lows tonight should be in the mis to upper 50's out ahead of the next cold front. Take a look at the 12 hour forecast surface map:

This next front is a stronger cold front and is going to rush in some cool and dry Canadian air into our region for the next several days. We may even see some lows this weekend into the 40's all the down to I-70. Highs for the next severeal days will likely be in the upper 60's for northern Missouri and low to mid 70's from highway 36 southward.

We may have another chance of rain late next week, but I will discuss that later

Alex Pickman


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