Friday, August 7, 2009

Morning MCS...Surging warm front!

A MCS (Mesoscale Convective System) is tracking through Iowa and is now entering Illinois. The southern part of the system is moving through northern Missouri with some showers and thunderstorms, but nothing significant. Last night I was thinking the possibility of an MCS developing and tracking right through us, but the front just surged through this morning, keeping the activity from highway 36 northward.

Take a look at current surface map at 11:00 AM...I drew in the warm front:

With the winds increasing behind the front, and clearing skies, highs today will likely be in the 90's in many areas. Northeastern Missouri may remain in the upper 80's due to rain cooled air and cloud cover, but the rest of the area should expect low to mid 90's with increasing winds. Dewpoints will also be increasing into the 70's today, heat indicies will be between 95 and 100 degrees.

With lows tonight in the mid to upper 70's, the stage is set for a very hot Saturday with highs in the mid to upper 90's around the area and heat indicies between 100 and 105+ degrees! Sunday will also be hot with highs in the 90's again, but then we may get a break by early next week with another cold front and thunderstorms, but lets get through this weekend first.

Alex Pickman


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