Sunday, August 16, 2009

Heavy thunderstorms tonight

The showers and thunderstorms from Saturday continued into this morning and some of the rain totals were pretty heavy with some locations recieving over 2 inches. Plattsburg, Missouri got over 4 inches of rain from Saturday through late this morning!

The reason for the rain and thunderstorms is a very slow moving a cold front that by tonight will be stretched from Kansas City northeastward and southwestward into the southwest states. With a plum of tropical moisture riding along the front , thunderstorms have been the result and our next chance will come late this afternoon and overnight. I think a band of showers and heavy thunderstorms will form north of I-70 and there could be some excessive rainfall. It is hard to tell where the heaviest rain will fall, but I think some totals could exceed 5 inches.

The heavy thunderstorms will continue into early Monday morning with a brief break before yet another large area of rain and heavy thunderstorms moves through the area with another 1-3 inches possible. The front should stall out on Monday and the heavy rain chances will continue through Wednesday with the tropical moisture in place. I think between tonight and Wednesday, some areas could recieve 8"+ of rain. This will likely lead to some flash flooding.

Alex Pickman


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