Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thunderstorms tonight and Wednesday

After the tornado outbreak in Oklahoma yesterday, another storm system is going to affect our area beginning tonight. A cold front is currently stalled over Oklahoma and will being pushing back to the north as a warm front later tonight. As it does so, it will spark off showers and thunderstorms. The air to south of the front is warm and very humid, and this will feed thunderstorm development tonight.

There will likely be a few severe thunderstorms along the warm front with the biggest threat being large hail. The SPC has much of the southern Plains under a slight risk for severe thunderstorms tonight.

Oklahoma has the biggest risk for severe thunderstorm development again, especially over western and north central Oklahoma. The atmosphere there is favorable for isolated thunderstorm development and large hail and strong winds will be the biggest threat, but an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

The warm front will continue pushing northward throughout the night and by Wednesday afternoon, the front will likely be draped over northeast Kansas and northern Missouri. Showers and thunderstorms, some strong to severe will be likely along it. Take a look a look at the the severe thunderstorm risk map for Wednesday:

This is a very complex forecast Wednesday and I will discuss it more later tonight.

SO for the rest of this afternoon and overnight, expect rain and thunderstorms to begin developing from Oklahoma into Arkansas along the warm front. Some of these storms will be strong to severe and gradually push northward overnight. By late tonight and Wednesday morning, the rain and thunderstorms will likely be located along the I-70 corridor affecting locations from Cenral Kasnas,through estern Missouri.

I will have a new blog and go into more details on Wednesday's difficult forecast later tonight around 1:00 AM.

Alex Pickman


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